COVID-19 On the Decline

July 21, 2020

As always, there is more good news today.

Of course the EU agreed to their nearly two trillion euro recovery fund, so the demise of European society has been put off until the next crisis. In other good news, manufacturing in the US should get a boost as China and the US are in an open war of words and growing hostility in the South China Sea. That should lead to inflation as prices rise and that is good for the debtors, including the US government.

In other, less exciting news, COVID-19 cases seem to be on the decline. You couldn’t paint a rosier picture if you were the president of the United States. On July 14th, the president ordered hospitals to send COVID related information to Health and Human Services (HHS) bypassing the CDC where such data has been going for decades.

HHS is controlled by one of the president’s men, Alex M. Azar, appointed by him in 2018. It could be coincidence that new cases are declining rapidly (although epidemiologists would likely highlight that it was statistically unlikely).

There is a high level of confidence that there will be more good news soon to either prop up the economy, ignore science, or celebrate the wonders of a president desperate for re-election.

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