Global And Macro Issues

March 28, 2020

Over the past month, the number one macro issue has become COVID-19.   In itself it is not a huge risk, but the impact it is having on the world economy has now likely surpassed any other single event in world history.

For excellent information on the prevalence and spread of COVID-19, is a comprehensive, non-political source.

This unprecedented event has not diminished the other issues facing the world.  The other issues have simply been pushed back further from the forefront of those who need to address them.  This is unfortunate because their importance just increased.   This list is not comprehensive of course, but it underscores the difficulties ahead.

  • The Warming of the World – Many have reported on the warming of the world, and perhaps a majority believe the information, but little is being done to stop it.   For a brief look at some of the data that may be useful to guide the discussion. Click here.
  • World Energy Supply
  • China’s Place in the World Economy
  • Russia’s Sabre Rattling
  • African Growth
  • The End of a Dominant USA
  • World Debt Burdens