Pain Ahead

August 27, 2022 The big gathering of federal reserve types at Jackson Hole took place at the end of the week, and the most important speech was delivered by Jerome Powell, Chairman of the Federal Reserve. For months this space has reiterated that the world has to stop throwing good money after bad. Put another… Continue reading Pain Ahead


Big Data

August 15, 2022 One of the revolutions of the internet age is the accumulation of information. Since digital computers were brought into common usage (about 60 years ago), the move towards manipulating a LOT of data has progressed onward. In the field of finance it has unleashed a multitude of benefits, and more than a… Continue reading Big Data


July 6, 2022 As most know, this space is a bit pessimistic regarding the economy and markets, however recent market activity suggests that there could be a short term bottom forming. There are still so very many things that could go against the market that bullishness is not warranted, however the large downward moves are… Continue reading Bounce